About Us

Balabay Textile, operating since 2008, continues its journey in ready-to-wear with the brand “Mira Mia” by emphasizing design power, high quality, and sustainable production approach. Mira Mia skillfully combines a strong pattern concept, bold design approach, and high-quality fabrics, drawing inspiration from women who can thrive in the fast-paced city life. It offers elegance, comfort, simplicity, and convenience to the multifaceted lifestyle of the modern woman it takes inspiration from. Embracing natural fibers, organic materials, and a vegan mindset, Mira Mia takes responsibility in addressing global warming and meticulously creates its collections. Mira Mia has integrated its 15 years of experience and belief in the future of the industry with strong investments. The recognition and success it has achieved in the industry are driven by this belief and relentless pursuit of progress.